We got your back! How to keep your spine healthy and strong

Your back is a masterpiece: 120 muscles, 24 vertebrae and 23 ´´shock absorbers´´ that ensure that you walk upright. So clearly, we should take good care of it. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your back healthy and strong in order to avoid any back problems in your everyday life.

1. Get off your ass.
Sitting is the new smoking, it turns out to be just as deadly. The body is made to move and sitting down for longer periods of time is quite stressful for your body. Alternating posture is one of the best things you can do. Get up more often to get a cup of coffee or tea and make phone calls while you walk back and forth. In addition, occasionally try stretching and turning with your head when you are sitting behind your desk.


2. Go exercise.
Also, you have to keep moving and exercising to keep your back strong and healthy. By doing the right exercises, you can make your core stronger and that helps to relieve tension from your back. Do not forget your glute and leg muscles, because they carry your complete spine. The muscles get better blood circulation through movement. These muscles in return will pull on all the bands and tendons, which gives you a good, active posture. Do you have regular back problems? Make sure you do the right exercises for your complaints prescribed by someone who understands the human body.


3. Take a walk every day.
Walking is just as effective when it comes to lower back pain as muscle-strengthening exercises, according to a study done by the University of Tel Aviv. The researchers compared two groups of people with back problems. One half did strength training two to three times a week, the other half went for a walk. After six weeks, both groups confirmed less back pain, better walking speed and stronger back and abdominal muscles.


4. Keep your head up.
Your spine is built to carry your head that weighs about five kilos. But if you bend your head to look at your phone for example (which we all do on average about two to three hours a day), the extra weight that has been put on your spine can rise up to 27 kilos. Consequence: pain and strain on muscles, tendons and ligaments. The solution: raise the phone to eye level. This way you train your arms at the same time.


5. Sleep occasionally on the other side of the bed.
Most couples have a fixed side in bed and often sleep with their backs to each other. That can cause one-sided pain in your shoulder and neck. The solution is simple: switch sides occasionally.

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